Sherwood Cockers came into existence with marriage vows.

Marie was handling Cocker Spaniels professionally.
Bryon was breeding Champion Cockers under the kennel name, Deyon.
Deyon Cockers started in 1985, though the kennel did produce a few Champions,
two bitches, refusing to have puppies, slowed the kennels progress.
Bryon showed all his own dogs to their Championships
and started to successfully show for other local breeders.

It was in the ring that Bryon & Marie met.
In 1994, wedding vows were exchanged and Sherwood Cockers came to be.

There was also a new direction in the breeding program.
More emphasis given to Ch. Jo-Bea's Diamond Trader as a stud.
He gave Sherwood 8 Champions between two bitches and so the story grows.
Trader is pictured on the Sherwood logo.

Sherwood Cockers is, and will remain, a small hobby kennel.
The thrust of the kennel was always solid color breeding;
however in the past several years due to Marie having a thing for the Parti variety,
spotted puppies have been arriving carrying the Sherwood prefix.

All breedings are carefully planned,
with emphasis on breeding the highest quality dog  within the guidelines
of the "standard" set forth by the American Spaniel Club and American Kennel Club.
All breeding dogs are tested for hereditary related ailments
and documentation is always available.
No breedings are planned.

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Marie & Bryon Santos